Collection of Swiss Law Sources online

Since 1898 the Law Sources Foundation of the Swiss Lawyers Society edits a collection of law sources which had been created on Swiss territory up to 1798, the Collection of Swiss Law Sources. The Collection contains materials from the early Middle Ages until early modern times (1798). Over 130 volumes, or more than 80’000 pages of source material and comments from all language regions of Switzerland have been published so far.

All volumes from 1898 to 2018 are retro-digitised and are available as page images (facsimiles) as well as downloadable PDFs, processed by OCR in the case of old volumes. Access to the retro-digitised collection is by catalogue (cantons) or the searchable articles' abstracts.

In the TEI documents and the volumes Sarganserland (SSRQ SG III/2), Entlebuch (SSRQ LU II/3) and Rheintal (SSRQ SG III/3) persons, places, organisations, lemmata and keywords are tagged and can by searched by means of the databases of historical names, places and lemma.

The new portal contains the digitally born TEI documents of the latest editions, which are still work in progress. Besides full-text search several search functions are available, amongst others search by persons, places, organizations and concepts (keywords and lemmata).

There are the following ways to access the Collection:

NEW: Portal (XML/TEI) (digitally prepared texts) – Tutorial

For more extensive information please see the detailed description.


VIDEO: Das älteste Editionsunternehmen der Schweiz