Swiss Law Sources – Lessons learned from using TEIPublisher for > 5 years

e-editiones: SSRQ-Community-Meeting

14 Mar 2023

Invited speaker: Bastian Politycki, University of St. Gallen / Swiss Law Sources Foundation

The research institution of the Law Sources Foundation of the Swiss Lawyers Society, set up over 100 years ago, provides a unique range of law sources from each of Switzerland’s linguistic regions in its «Collection of Swiss Law Sources» (Sammlung Schweizerischer Rechtsquellen / SSRQ). At the end of the early 2000s, SSRQ began (retro)digitizing the edition volumes that had been published until then. For about 5 years, new volumes have been published as 'born digital' editions - based on TEI XML and the TEIPublisher. The presentation discusses the challenges of digital presentation (using the TEIPublisher) and shows perspectives for future use.